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Audience Targeting

One of the 'rules of thumb' of direct marketing is that the audience for an offer comprises 60% of the 'response equation' (copy and offer each contribute 20%). While these percentages can not be statistically measured, this 'equation' illustrates the importance of promoting your products and services to the right group of people or businesses.

A core service of Integrated Marketing, Inc. is audience targeting. Sometimes our clients have a wealth of knowledge about their existing customers which can be used to target new customers. Other times we need to work together to determine what is known or what can be learned from information gathered from some perhaps unlikely sources.

With this information, detailed recommendations are prepared about the segments that should be tested - whether for programs to existing customers or to target new ones. A rationale is given for each segment as well as cost and market potential. These recommendations can also include test designs and proposals for back-end analysis of the response results.

We then rent the lists on your behalf, negotiating the rental rates, preparing the purchase orders and following through to ensure the timely and accurate delivery of the names.

Our experience covers all types of lists for new customer acquisition programs:

  • Business
  • Financial
  • Health Care
  • Mail Order Buyers
  • New Homeowners
  • Opt-in Email
  • Resident/Occupant
  • Compiled
  • Fundraising
  • Insurance
  • Membership/Association
  • New Movers
  • Publishing
  • Self-reported Questionnaires

IMI also provides file hygiene, postal sortation and data appending services to make your mailings more deliverable and your databases easier to segment.

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