Audience Targeting
 Project Management


A customer database can be as simple as a list of names and addresses, but to be really effective it needs to go beyond this. Integrated Marketing has over 25 years of experience working with databases from a marketing perspective. We work with all departments involved with building and using a database so that the end product is actionable and cost effective.

Collecting data just for the sake of collecting data is costly and non productive. We work with you to:

  • Determine which data items should be collected
  • Determine how to collect these items
  • Evaluate what the cost will be of collecting them
  • Evaluate the ROI of customer management systems

Accurate tabulations of the data are essential to your marketing efforts. IMI will develop standardized reports that will provide you with valuable insights into your customer data. We then work with you to ensure that the reports are produced correctly, providing quality control throughout the process.

Just having volumes of data is not actionable. IMI provides analysis and recommendations for future actions and improvements that will allow you to make profitable changes to your marketing programs. We present the analysis and recommendations in an easy to understand written form, and will make presentations to all levels of employees - helping you build support with others for your programs.

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