Customer Acquisition
 Customer Retention
 Customer Targeting
 Process Flow

Founded in 1995, Integrated Marketing, Inc.'s principals have over 25 years of direct marketing experience in a wide variety of industries. While each industry has its own unique features, experiences learned from one can often prove valuable to others.

Industry Experience

• Automotive
• Insurance
• Energy
• Membership
• Financial
• Publishing
• Fundraising
• Retail
• Healthcare
• Seminars

Clients have included agencies and end users involved with both direct-to-consumer and business-to-business marketing.

Client Experience

• Cal Farley's BoysRanch and Girlstown
• Chrysler
• Eli Lilly and Company
• First USA
• First Union
• Ford Motor Company
• General Motors
• JumboSports
• Kiplinger's
• MindZoo
• National Electronics and Warranty
• National Mail/Marketing
• National Tire Warehouse
• PJGolf
• RTCdirect
• St. Jude's
• Signet Bank
• Strategic Insights
• The Web Marketer
• Tire Kingdom
• Xcelenergy
• Ziment and Associates

Case Studies
Customer AcquisitionA pharmaceutical manufacturer wished to begin direct-to-consumer marketing.
Customer RetentionA retailer had valuable information about its customers and wanted to use it to sell them other items.
Customer TargetingAn energy company wanted to segment its customers to prepare for deregulation.
Process FlowA coupon rebate process needed to be documented and changed to prevent fraud.

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