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Case Study: Customer Targeting

Energy Provider Looking To Segment Its Customers To Defend Them Against Deregulation And To Generate Additional Customers

An energy provider faced deregulation knowing little about its customers. It wished to strengthen its relationship with them by communicating the value it offers and by selling them other products and services.

Determine sources of external data for business and residential customers that could be used to segment the customers into groups based on their value to the company.

Meet with client to determine structure of the customer database and how it would impact matching to the various data sources. Explain sources of data and their possible value to client. Negotiate costs to append data to customer file. Facilitate process between data processing to obtain the file for appending, the data suppliers and the research personnel in using the data. Explain data idiosyncrasies to research house and impact they may have on models.

Smooth transfer of data and knowledge. Models 'made sense' because spurious items were not utilized.

Services Utilized:
Marketing strategy, data appending, consulting.

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