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Case Study: Process Flow

Advertising Agency Responsible For Direct To Consumer Promotions
For A Major Prescription Medication

A direct response agency was responsible for mailing promotions to consumers to increase their awareness of a prescription medication. The promotions contained rebate forms good for dollars-off a purchase for first time users. The agency was alerted to a possible fraud situation by a postal employee who had noticed an inordinately large number of rebates being sent to one address.

Document the flow of the rebate process and recommend changes to limit fraud.

Interview agency account management personnel to learn pharmaceutical manufacturer's objectives with program and agency project managers to determine their part of the process and what they thought was being done by others. Conduct on-site interviews with in-bound tele-center and rebate processing facility to determine what was actually being done. Ask questions about the process flow to obtain comprehensive picture of the entire process. Obtain rebate forms for other products and information from government and private sources for ideas as to how to combat the fraud problem.

Document the process flow pictorially with Visio and with a Word document. Include suggestions for changes that would reduce the possibility of consumers receiving more than one rebate.

Agency and manufacturer were happy with the deliverable and most recommendations were implemented. It is impossible to measure the actual reduction in fraud but no other such blatant instances were reported.

Services Utilized:
Program process flow, program analysis and strategy.

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