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Case Study: Customer Acquisition

Marketer Of A Prescription Medication To Prevent
A Post-Menopausal Disease In Women

A pharmaceutical company had recently received FDA permission to market a new medication that would prevent a disease common to post-menopausal women. They wished to generate awareness of the product directly among consumers and get consumers to 'raise their hand' to receive additional information at a later date. These respondents would be entered into the customer database for future promotions.

Identify sources of names and addresses, medical conditions and stated interests of women who would be most interested in the product and who would be most likely to visit a physician for a prescription. The sources also had to meet criteria specified by the company's legal department for receiving unsolicited information about the product.

Work with the client to determine the characteristics of a woman who is eligible to use the medication. Group these characteristics into target audience segments. Work with the agency and client to develop the targeted mail pieces and offers for each segment and how to track response.

Research sources of names and negotiate rental rates. Write data processing specifications to de-dupe lists, code significant items for easy back-end analysis, and prepare files for personalization of the mail pieces. Generate report templates and perform back-end analysis. Provide quality assessment checks for all processes.

No errors in the data processing. Mail files delivered to lettershop on time and in the format desired.

Mailing generated a response rate for additional information higher than expected. Post mailing research showed the respondents fit the profile the client wanted.

Client was very happy with the number that actually visited a doctor and obtained a prescription. Return on investment exceeded the target.

Services Utilized:
Marketing strategy, audience targeting, project management.

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